Where do you produce your clothing?

This is the supply chain of our clothing:

  • The yarn is produced by a recycling factory in Alicante, Spain.
  • The fabric and clothing is produced in Portugal.

Is recycled better than organic?

Good question.

Organic textile products are great – they use less fertilizers and pesticides and are generally aiming for a more socially and economically sustainable production. But growing cotton still requires a lot of water and energy, even when it’s organic.

Using recycled materials skips the growing part completely. This can also be done in a bad way – using strong chemicals, water and energy in order to break down what you are trying to salvage. We are working with a factory that uses no water and no toxic chemicals or dyes in their production. The plant also runs on 50% solar energy (in case you were wondering).

How do you even recycle cotton?

Glad you asked, we’ve made a special page just for that.

If there's so much clothing to recycle, wouldn't it be better to not produce anything new at all?


Ideally no one would buy another new piece of clothing ever again, and we would all go second hand shopping for everything we need.

But we’re not there yet, and if you’re anything like us, you’ve looked everywhere for a high quality second hand t-shirt without a band logo or a torn shoulder, with no luck.

Hopefully someday we’ll stop wanting new things, or at least keep the things we get for longer.

What about micro plastics?

This is still a problem. Although, rumor has it that when plastic is combined with natural fibers, the release of micro plastics goes down quite drastically.

Are you doing absolutely everything right?

We are not!

Here are some of the things we are looking to improve:

  • More transparency about material origin
  • Numbers on environmental impact, not just the savings compared to regular production
  • More inclusive branding and communication
  • More localized production, decreasing transport
  • Information on labor conditions in our production chain
  • Environmentally friendly shipping options

Is recycled cotton as strong as normal cotton?

Honestly? No, it’s not.
That’s why you will never find products made from 100% recycled cotton. We combine recycled cotton with recycled PET to make it stronger, and put a few bottles to good use in the process.

Aren't cotton polyester blends kind of... shitty?

Bit insensitive, but okay.

The good thing about polyester is that it’s more durable than cotton, it dries quicker, and it doesn’t shrink. The bad thing is it’s not as breathable.

Cotton on the other hand, is very breathable. On the down side, it dries slowly, wears out, and tends to shrink.

Our shirts are made from 50% recycled cotton and 50% recycled plastic bottles (turned into a kind of polyester). So you get the breathability of cotton, with the strength of polyester.

It’s not perfect, but it has a nice personality.

I'm trying to make on order from the UK but I can't enter my adress!

We currently do not ship to the UK because of import/tax hassles. Sorry! We’re working on it.

How do I return an item?

Learn if you can get a refund here. Or head straight to the return form here.

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